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Communications Service Integrators is the leading provider of mobile communications and dispatch equipment, paging systems, video surveillance equipment and security surveillance equipment in the greater metropolitan area that comprises New York City, central and northern New Jersey.
Communications and Wireless Network Solutions Provider serving Public Safety, Utilities, Education, Health Services Transportation and Business Communities in the Northern and Central New Jersey, New York City and Philadelphia area.
As the leading provider of mobile communications and dispatch equipment, paging systems, video surveillance equipment and security surveillance equipment in the greater metropolitan area we offer quality products and services at competitive prices

Video Surveillance Equipment and Security Surveillance Equipment offer many advantages!

Because of the challenges our country and the world face today, organizations increasingly turn to quality and dependable video surveillance equipment as a key component in their security arsenal. PC based video surveillance systems or embedded, DVR security systems(Digital Video Recorders) are now replacing analog VCR’s as the preferred security surveillance equipment.

Digital video surveillance offers many advantages over older analog systems. A DVR security system combines Alarm Messaging, Motion Detection and Long Term Storage all into one device that’s accessible by numerous users simultaneously via the Internet or LAN. Consequently, in addition to detecting and recording intruders, a DVR security system can monitor personnel and sensitive areas of a facility. Digital video recorders can record for longer periods of time than analog systems, especially if downloading to a hard drive. The images produced by digital video recorders are by far clearer and more defined, thus making identification and detail searching less painstaking.

CSI can incorporate digital video surveillance equipment into any existing system employed by an agency, corporation or municipality, or design a new, stand-alone DVR security system to match their requirements. The potential applications are limitless, including:

  • In-Building Security
  • Perimeter Surveillance
  • Theft/Fraud Prevention
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Personnel Accountability
  • Intruder Detection
  • Wireless Transmission
  • Alarm recording
  • Parking Lots

When you research video surveillance equipment and DVR security systems, you will quickly learn that they are not all alike. It is imperative that you know what you are buying and that the product does what it was designed to do – observe and detect on an uninterrupted basis.

When building a DVR security system or security surveillance equipment system, it involves more than simply taking a PC, inserting a video capture card and loading some off-the-shelf software. The reality is, a true PC based video surveillance and DVR security system is a sophisticated integration of hardware and software components and sub-assemblies with built-in checks and balances. It must all work in unison, creating a robust and reliable piece of equipment, and be designed for mission critical applications.

Creating the right solution for your digital video surveillance requirements doesn’t just happen. It requires a team of software and hardware engineers, database programmers, system designers and support personnel. Remember, there is no margin for error in security solutions.

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