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Communications Service Integrators is the leading provider of mobile communications and dispatch equipment, paging systems, video surveillance equipment and security surveillance equipment in the greater metropolitan area that comprises New York City, central and northern New Jersey.
Communications and Wireless Network Solutions Provider serving Public Safety, Utilities, Education, Health Services Transportation and Business Communities in the Northern and Central New Jersey, New York City and Philadelphia area.
As the leading provider of mobile communications and dispatch equipment, paging systems, video surveillance equipment and security surveillance equipment in the greater metropolitan area we offer quality products and services at competitive prices

Dispatch consoles – the core of your dispatch operations!

Dispatch consoles are central, integrating elements of mission-critical communication centers. Through consolidating the control of multiple resources, a single operator, or hundreds of operators working in parallel, can efficiently manage a complex combination of communication protocols efficiently and effectively.

Dispatchers that require continuous communication with field workers use radio dispatch consoles to communicate with scattered workgroups, send pages, interconnect to the public telephone network, share radio resources with other operators, and retrieve vital information. Dispatch consoles also integrate data, such as computerized records management, to serve other organizational requirements. CSI can tailor a wireless public safety dispatch system for any size operation – from a large-scale, fully integrated command and control system to a self-contained, single workstation console.

Centralized Control for Improved Efficiencies
CSI’s radio dispatch consoles integrate a complex network of resources into a single system, giving operators an easy way to control multiple radio channels, telephones, paging encoders, intercoms, video, and informational assets.

Tailored for Any Application
CSI can help private and professional organizations that need a dedicated radio and telephone system to manage resources, coordinate operations, distribute information, and control communications between workgroups to specify a dispatch console that is efficient and affordable.

Unlimited Capacity
Central communications dispatch consoles can be as simple as one operator managing daily operations with field personnel through a single radio. Large command and control dispatch consoles, however, can have over a hundred operators tasked with critical communications and force management of thousands of mobile personnel and workgroups.

VoIP Dispatch
VoIP dispatch (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology being incorporated into increasingly larger numbers of dispatch consoles. VoIP dispatch allows an operator to digitize telephone calls and send them over data lines. In times of emergency dispatch, VoIP operators can coordinate interoperability between multiple, existing systems, even if they are analog based. This is especially important in the context of Homeland Security and wireless public safety dispatch because in a time of crisis dispatch, VoIP has the ability to allow different agencies and response teams to communicate in the same network, which can mean the difference between life and death.

The most compelling reason to consider VoIP Radio Control for your system upgrade is the simplification in wiring requirements. Instead of needing to bring in a pair or more wires, per channel, to each console, only a single connection to the Ethernet is required. Since the Ethernet can easily handle dozens of simultaneous connections it becomes the only pipeline required for all communications requirements.

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