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Communications Service Integrators is the leading provider of mobile communications and dispatch equipment, paging systems, video surveillance equipment and security surveillance equipment in the greater metropolitan area that comprises New York City, central and northern New Jersey.
Communications and Wireless Network Solutions Provider serving Public Safety, Utilities, Education, Health Services Transportation and Business Communities in the Northern and Central New Jersey, New York City and Philadelphia area.
As the leading provider of mobile communications and dispatch equipment, paging systems, video surveillance equipment and security surveillance equipment in the greater metropolitan area we offer quality products and services at competitive prices

CSI Site Map

Home: Main page for Communications Service Integrators. Information on mobile communications and dispatch equipment in the greater metropolitan area.

System Solutions: Details on products CSI offers including the following:

Technical Services: About CSI's technical services including consulting, design, installation and system support for dvr security and Motorola two way radios.

Industry Served: Information on the industries served by CSI including:

  • Public Safety: Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, OEM
  • Utilities: Public Works, Gas/Electric, Water, Energy
  • Education: K-12, College, Vocational
  • Health Services: Hospital, Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Private Ambulatory
  • Business: Property Management, Manufacturing, Retail, Financial, Security Services, Event, Construction, Service, Hospitality, Recreation
  • Transportation: Delivery, Taxi/Limo, Public Transit, Airport

About CSI: Information on CSI Radio as a company offering video surveillance equipment and emergency vehicle lights.

Resources: External resources, associations and organizations related to paging systems and the other products CSI offers.

Employment Opportunities: Find out how to apply for a job in sales, service or installation with CSI Radio

Contact: Contact CSI Radio by telephone or request form for more information on dispatch VoIP, Kenwood two way radios and other products.



CSI Resources

Two Way-Microwave-Consoles-Video-Etc.:

  • Motorola
    Motorola, Inc. is a global leader in wireless, broadband and automotive communications technologies and embedded electronic products. CSI offers Motorola two way radios for mobile communications.

  • Kenwood
    Kenwood produces high quality consumer electronics, test equipment and communication equipment. Kenwood is committed to developing and building the finest quality components with state of the art technologies. CSI is a supplier of Kenwood two way radios.

  • Zetron
    Zetron gives operators an easy way to control multiple radio channels, telephones, paging encoders, intercoms, video, and informational assets. Zetron's Radio Dispatch Consoles integrate a complex network of resources into a single system. Contact CSI today for more information on Zetron dispatch equipment.

  • M/A-COM
    M/A-COM currently serves the wireless telecommunications, aerospace & defense and automotive markets. M/A-COM develops, manufactures and supplies technologically advanced two-way land mobile radio products, networks and services to the public safety, utility, industrial, business and government markets. Contact CSI today for more information on paging systems.

  • NOVA
    NOVA provides the public safety, healthcare, hospitality, and business industries with reliable two way radio communications systems and paging systems. CSI can provide you industry with NOVA paging systems.

  • Canopy
    Canopy is the secure, flexible, reliable wireless solution for extending broadband networks. The Canopy platform offers state-of-the-art wireless technology with significant benefits that enhance the broadband experience for a wide range of providers and end users. CSI can help you with your wireless public safety dispatch needs. Contact CSI today.

  • WiLan
    WiLan specializes in solutions for secure wireless provision of high-speed data and telephone over distance for enterprises and telecom service providers. Contact CSI today about wireless public safety dispatch and other wireless communications solutions.

  • Vanguard
    Vanguard's Careguard services provide customers with comprehensive solutions to cover a network's life-cycle — from network assessment and strategizing, through deployment and on-going management. CSI can help your business setup a network for your video surveillance equipment. Contact CSI today.

  • Call 24
    CALL24 works with any two-way frequency and provides automatic location alarming, two-way voice, intercom and hands free listening to either dispatch or patrolling officers with portable or base radios. CALL24 technology facilitates faster, more informed physical responses. Get information on dispatch VoIP and dispatch consoles from CSI.

  • Navtrak
    Navtrak provides monitoring, mapping and reporting for mobile workforces. CSI can provide your company with the dispatch equipment you need to set up a good monitoring system.

  • Sequent
    Sequent Technologies designs, develops and manufactures video transmission, indexing and archiving systems. These patent-pending systems transmit video, audio and data files from anywhere using existing wireless cellular networks such as CDPD & GPRS services. CSI offers wireless public safety dispatch for the law enforcement and public safety industry.

  • VCS
    VCS is the place for professional remote video transmission for safety and security-critical areas. VCS develops and produces digital data transmission systems for multimedia applications and real-time communications. CSI provides video surveillance equipment, contact CSI today for more information.

  • JPS
    Raytheon JPS Communications designs, manufactures and sells electronic hardware and software products that enhance the effectiveness of high frequency (HF) radio and land mobile radio (LMR) communications systems. Need to purchase a Motorola two way radio, contact CSI today for more information.

  • Vertex/Standard
    Vertex Standard manufactures Land Mobile Radios, Marine Radios, Airband Radios, Ham Radios, Bar code readers, data transmission devices, and other wireless communication equipment. CSI can provide your company with all of their paging systems needs and much more. Call CSI today for more information.

  • Tait
    Tait manufactures a wide range of communication products including portable and mobile radios and wide area trunked radio network systems that provide integrated radio and telephone services for both voice and data communications. CSI offers mobile communications solutions for any company. Contact CSI today for more information on two way radios.

Safety Products:

  • Federal Signal
    Federal Signal Corporation is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of safety, signaling and communications equipment, fire rescue products, street sweeping and vacuum loader vehicles, refuse truck bodies, high-performance water blasting equipment, parking control equipment, carbide and superhard tipped cutting tools, precision metal stamping punches and components for plastic injection molds. Contact CSI today for more information on the wireless public safety dispatch they offer.

  • CODE 3
    Code 3,® Inc. engineers, manufactures and markets a complete line of lighting and sound-based warning products used by professionals in emergency response, utility, service fleet, and industrial settings. CSI provides emergency vehicle lights for law enforcement and public safety industries.

  • Whelen
    Whelen Engineering researches, designs and develops warning and signaling devices. Whelen's innovations in LED and Strobe lightbars and lightheads has set the standards for Police, Fire and Rescue, Emergency, DOT, as well as Maintenance and Construction equipment. Purchase security surveillance equipment through CSI to keep your business safe.

  • SHO-ME
    Able 2 Products Company produces lights and sirens under the SHO-ME® brand name. CSI provides the public safety industry with emergency vehicle lights.

  • Troy Consoles
    TROY PRODUCTS strategy is to work closely with law enforcement agencies and fire departments to develop customized products guaranteed to meet their specific needs for safety, neatness, convenience and aesthetics. CSI also provides law enforcement agencies with dvr security to meet their needs.


  • SBT
    If you operate or have an interest in a small business which is a part of the telecommunications industry, your future is being decided now by the rapid promulgation of regulation and passage of legislation which is changing the face of the marketplace. Your involvement and support of SBT will help assure that the agenda of small business and its contribution to the industry will not be ignored in creating rules and laws. Get your small business set up with mobile communications from CSI, contact us today.

  • ITA
    ITA is a national trade association for preserving spectrum rights and access for private wireless licensees. As the national advocate and service organization for private wireless licensees and radio dealer providers, ITA represents the private wireless industry’s business interests before the FCC and Congress. Purchase a wireless public safety dispatch system from CSI today.

  • LAO
    Licensing Assisting Office offers its members rule interpretations, updates on FCC rule and policy changes, discussion of proper system licensing, licensing advice on specialized systems such as Private Carrier, paging, point-to-point, & links, coordination and eligibility issues, limitations on uses of specific frequencies and frequency bands, and status calls. Get dispatch equipment from CSI and visit LAO to learn about how to license your dispatch consoles.

  • MCC
    The Morris County Chamber of Commerce serves the people of Morris County as a dynamic, member-involved business organization that provides its members opportunities to develop, promote and pursue their business interests, foster a healthy economic and political business environment and promote the benefits of business to the public. CSI, MCC member, provides dvr security and pc based video surveillance equipment for business. Contact CSI today for more information on paging systems and more.

    USMSS, Inc., is a nationwide association of more than 150 locally owned, authorized Motorola Service Stations (MSS). Through USMSS, accredited MSS's join together to promote collective business development, customer service capabilities and vendor opportunities. Purchase Motorola two way radios by contacting CSI today.

Chamber of Commerce and Business Associations:

Other Resources:


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